Like a Rubik’s Cube…

Tuesday thought of the day:   

Who would of ever thought that a Rubik’s cube could resemble one’s life. When we go through life we are being shaped and molded through every season, every journey and every process. In every twist & turn we realize that God’s hand is in it; bringing us into alignment with what He has planned out for our lives. It may have not been easy to complete the cube, but with much determination, perseverance and endurance we continued in the process to complete the puzzle. Our life’s journey can be just like this Rubik’s cube…


When a puzzle comes together; all the pieces match so perfectly. Rather by size, shape, or color—we too become perfectly aligned with the plans and purposes of God for our life. God has uniquely and intricately made us and destined us for something great! As we feast on the word of God; our spirit, and mind becomes aligned to the perfect will of God. So just like this Rubik’s Cube—that has been shaped, formed, and through every twist and turn… we will come to a flourishing finish as we feed our faith with the word and align ourselves to the plans he has for us. ♥️🙌🏼

Prayer: Lord let your perfect will and plan be done in our life. Reveal your will to us. Give us a fresh vision. We ask you for wisdom, clarity, understanding and peace. We submit and surrender to the plans and purposes that you have destined for our lives. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!!!

✨ Psalm 139:13-18 Passion Translation
✨ Romans 8:28
✨ Romans 10:17
✨ Romans 12:2
✨ Hebrews 10:36
✨ Hebrews 11:1

💕 Live life with Passion & Purpose! 💕 Chrissy Katayama



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