A Balanced Perspective “Stay Grounded”

“Let God’s Word and Spirit Ground You”

There are times in an individual’s life where situations arise; that may be unexpected or spinning out of control. Those circumstances in life may be spinning round and round. Most of the time, these are minor setbacks that can be resolved. But when it comes to a more serious issue; it may often times require assistance from others or a step-by-step process to get you refocused and realigned. An individual can start to feel overwhelmed when a major problem occurs; and even begin to think that the problem is unsolvable.

I want to encourage you, that there is always a solution. We can find shelter and refuge in the Lord, during times of stress and unexpected turbulence. We don’t have to spin along with the circumstances that are out of control. Even though you may feel like you are spinning in circles; like you are on one of those rides at an amusement park–that make you feel dizzy, and you can’t even walk straight. The solution is to start by developing a balanced perspective towards whatever life throws at you.

How? By grabbing hold of your thoughts and turning to the Word of God, that will give you the answers you need. God’s Word brings Peace, Wisdom, Joy, and Love! God’s Word and the Holy Spirit will keep you grounded. You can overcome; by praying the Word and in the spirit. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer and to give you the steps needed to help you out of the turbulent trials and tribulations. The Word and the Spirit agree; which is truth. Worship quiets your soul/mind. Worship draws you closer to God. Worship brings you into the presence of God.

We will have to quiet ourselves down, and get still before the Lord; to hear what He has to say in the midst of chaos. He instructs us to wait for His direction. Many times we try to take care of the situation or solve the problem on our own, without seeking God for direction or find out from Him the way He would have us to do things. In those moments, we need not do anything until God shows us what to do. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. Take a deep breath, get in the presence of God (Worship) and get clarity for the process you are in (His Word). Commit yourselves to God and He will direct your steps. Be still before Him. Rest in His plan, and know that he will lead you and that His way is perfect.

Receive God’s grace to empower you to move towards a “Grounded Life in Him”. Let His Peace overcome you now! Embrace the truth of His Word and walk in it. Abide in the perfect love of the Father. Perfect love casts out all fear, pushes away all cares and worries, and casts down all imaginations. God wants you to abide in His perfect love.  Following these steps to a balanced perspective will help you to stay grounded in God; no matter what may be happening to you or going on around you. Turn and fix your gaze upon Jesus! He is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!




Ecclesiastes 4:12

1 John 5:7

Psalm 33:20

Proverbs 3:5-6

Luke 12:12

*Psalm 27:13-14

*Lamentations 3:25

Psalm 40:1-17

*1 John 4:18

John 14:23

*Isaiah 41:10

*John 16:33

*Romans 8:28


“Adjust Your Perspective”






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